Welcome to Our Blog!

Posted on December 08, 2008 in General News

Welcome to our blog (short for “Web log”). This is the first post of what we expect to be many. The purpose of this blog is multi-fold. Mainly, we want to provide relevant information you may find helpful. Additionally, we would like to let you learn a little more about us as people and hopefully break down some misconceptions that seem to stick to lawyers as a whole. However, and perhaps most selfishly, this blog shall serve as an outlet for our collective ideas, concerns, musings, inspirations, reflections, dreams, and viewpoints.

The term “Blawg” has been used to describe blogs written by lawyers with a focus on legal issues. To some extent this blog is a “blawg.” We hope to provide some relevant posts that focus on legal matters that are germane to the interests of our readers in the Richmond area and all throughout the web. Yet, in other respects, this blog will not be a “blawg” at all. As mentioned above, a main focus of our ruminations will likely be on matters other than law.

And so we begin.

As a new father, I have certainly been doing a lot of reflecting lately. Many of these reflections focus on my day’s work and the connection between what I do on a daily basis and how that work can positively affect my family and my community. Oftentimes, for profit businesses are perceived as selfish and self indulgent. The perception that only the “bottom line” matters rings true for many when thinking of private industry.

Fortunately, my workplace has adopted a different set of principles. “Every Client Matters” is more than a tagline; it is the guiding principle behind everything we do at Owen & Owens. In the coming months I will explore the notion of what “Every Client Matters” really means and why I think our firm is more than just a place to earn a living.