Product Liability Attorneys

Representing you to settle product injury claims in your favor.

Product liability law aims to protect you from injuries and other losses you suffer as a result of a dangerous or defective product. At Owen & Owens, we’ll determine if you have a product liability claim, negotiate for you, or fight for your rights in court.

If a company or manufacturer has sold or manufactured any type of product that caused you injury, you may have a case.

Product liability claims range widely and occur in many industries including the following:

  • Household products and appliances
  • Medical device failures
  • Machinery or tool malfunctions
  • Food-related and tobacco products
  • Firearm failures
  • Electronic failures
  • Medication-related failures
  • Toy-related injuries

For over 20 years, the team of product liability attorneys at Owen & Owens has helped individuals obtain compensation for the losses they’ve suffered from product failures and defects.

Understanding The Legal Process For Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims can be complex. In every situation, it is up to you to prove your injuries or losses were due to the poor design of the product. In most cases, you have a case if you can prove one or more of the following:

  1. The product failed as a result of a design defect, which made it unreasonably dangerous.
  2. The product had a manufacturing defect, or a problem occurring during the manufacturing process, that made the item unsafe.
  3. The product’s manufacturer did not provide enough of a clear warning that a product was dangerous in some way.
  4. The product’s manufacturer misrepresented the product in its marketing, which in some way caused the injury and/or loss.

Since proving product failure is difficult, we encourage you to seek representation from an experienced product liability attorney. At Owen & Owens, our priority is understanding your case and determining the best possible course of action to receive appropriate compensation.

Help From Experienced Product Liability Attorneys

If you are the victim of a loss resulting from a malfunctioning, defective product, you deserve a fair settlement.

And, as soon as you partner with Owen & Owens, you get the peace of mind knowing we’ll handle your case with care and determination, giving it the diligence and attention required to get you closer to a favorable outcome.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our product liability attorneys, and let us begin working on a resolution for you.