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Divorce can be an emotional and difficult decision. It is often a slow and painful process, but people can and do make it through difficult time periods during divorce. To survive divorce, you must be prepared emotionally, financially, and legally.

Let our attorneys guide you through the divorce process and allow you the ease of knowing that your divorce is being handled by some of the nation’s most experienced divorce attorneys; able to get you the financial compensation, custody, or other reparations you deserve.

We handle divorce cases in the following common areas and more:

Helpful Information Regarding Divorce

Below are a few helpful links you if you are dealing with a divorce as well as what to expect when speaking with an Owen and Owen divorce attorney. Reading the material in these links may differ from case to case, please do not use these links in place of an attorney.

– In a Divorce, What do I do if I Never Took Care of Finances or Bills?
– What Do I Do if the Other Parent of My Child Will Not Give Me Copies of My Child’s School Records?
– What Happens to Child Support When One Child Graduates From High School?
– Do Separated/Divorced Spouses Grieve?
– If I am Separating or Getting a Divorce, What Should I Do About My Power of Attorney?

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If you are facing divorce, please contact Owen & Owens to schedule a consultation with one of our divorce attorneys. If you retain an attorney from Owen & Owens, we will work with you to achieve the best result in a professional, caring, and cost-effective manner.