Attorneys for Step-Parent Adoption

Here to help you throughout every stage of the process to become a more cohesive family unit.

If you’ve been thoughtfully caring for your spouse’s child as if they were your own, chances are, you’ve considered your options as to how you can legally safeguard that bond. So, if you’re feeling now is the time to take a step forward in adopting your stepson or stepdaughter, you’ve come to the right place.

Our firm has more than 20 years of legal expertise in Family Law and is eager to provide you with the advice and representation you need as a step-parent desiring parental rights.



Adopting a Minor Stepchild in Virginia

The adoption process can be complex and overwhelming. From completing and submitting required legal forms to understanding the relevant laws as they apply to your state and situation, and attending the necessary hearing(s), it’s easy to encounter unexpected roadblocks along the way.

That’s where the Owens & Owens team comes in. We’re trusted, experienced adoption attorneys who are well-informed of the legislative and filing requirements in the state of Virginia. Therefore, we’re here for you every step of the way—serving as your guide to ensure this time in your family’s life is nothing but positive and exciting.



Get A Highly-Skilled, Attentive Adoption Lawyer On Your Side

Here at Owens & Owens, our Family Law team recognizes that the decision to adopt a stepchild is a significant one. And, it requires careful planning and consideration regarding your family circumstances and legal obligations.

For that reason, we’re committed to providing you the support, counsel, and encouragement you need—from start to finish—to make sure your family’s adoption journey is a smooth one.


If you are considering adoption, please contact Owen & Owens to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.