Attorneys for Relative Adoption

Guiding you through each step in your adoption journey to legally preserve your familial bond.

No matter the reasons for serving as a guardian or parental figure in the life of a relative’s child, taking the next step towards adoption can grant you the legal protections you don’t currently possess. It can also help solidify the child’s place within your family, giving them the support and security they desire.

Thus, if you’re eager to assume legal and financial obligations, the Owen & Owens team is here to assist you. With more than 20 years of expertise in Family Law, you can rest assured we’ll provide the greatest opportunity for a smooth relative adoption journey.



Adopting as a Biological Relative in Virginia

Nowadays, families come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, we understand that each adoption is unique. And, we treat it as such. Based on your current situation, we’ll help you with obtaining consents or terminating parental rights, preparing the necessary legal documents, determining whether or not you need to participate in a home study, and abiding by various procedures to finalize the process.

Ultimately, as experts on adoption laws and requirements in Virginia, we’re committed to ensuring your relative adoption is completed correctly so you can legally cement your parent-child relationship.



Your Trusted Family Law Firm for Relative Adoptions

While relative adoptions are typically treated less formally than others, it’s still important you receive legal assistance to achieve the best outcome possible for your family.

And, when choosing to work with Owen & Owens, you can look forward to having a compassionate, highly-skilled Family Law team on your side—one that’s committed to delivering the guidance you need, from beginning to end.

If you are considering adoption, please contact Owen & Owens to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.