Adoption Attorneys

The most important factor in adoption is the best interests of children.

The Family Law Team at Owen & Owens has the experience and skill to help clients through the

legal process in formalizing an adoption. Whether you are placing a child up for adoption, or adding a new member to your family, our adoption attorney’s goal is to offer expertise, support and a stress-free transition.

At Owen & Owens, our adoption attorneys specialize in every type of adoption, including:

Adoption Process in Virginia

Adoption in Virginia can be a very daunting and confusing process. From paperwork to background checks, birth certificates and name changes, there are many administrative duties and proceedings required. You and your family can benefit from a knowledgeable adoption attorney to help you navigate this complex process.  

If you are unsure what type of adoption is best for you, our family law team can guide you through understanding your options. We are also there to support you during the physical and emotional aspects of adoption like dealing with birth mothers and handling the lengthy home study process.

Experienced, Compassionate Adoption Attorneys

The Family Law Team at Owen & Owens will ensure a legally secure adoption process from the very beginning so that it is finalized as planned. At that point, our team will continue to serve you, arranging for counseling and other support services in the next phase of your adoption journey.

If you are considering adoption, please contact Owen & Owens to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.