Start the new year off right…

Posted on January 12, 2009 in Child Support, Divorce, Estate Planning

During a recent holiday visit, I had an enlightening discussion with family about estate planning matters. Somehow the conversation over Christmas dinner drifted to the topic of the utility of living trusts as a means to avoid probate (imagine that!). What ensued was a spirited debate, which resulted in the admission that my own parents don’t even have a valid will.

Drug Court Legislative Breakfast

Posted on December 30, 2008 in General News

On December 18th, Joe Owen and Owen & Owens PLC hosted a breakfast for the Chesterfield Colonial Heights DrugCourtat the Village Bank Corporate headquarters. Joe is Chairman of the Chesterfield Colonial Heights Drug Court Foundation.
The breakfast was attended by various legislative, government and court officials from throughout the Richmond Metropolitan Area.

Lowering Your Legal Fees

Posted on December 12, 2008 in General News

At Owen & Owens, we are always striving to provide high quality legal services at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, litigation is often expensive andmuch of the expensecannotbe completely controlled by your attorney. Much of the expense is dictated by the other side. However, you, as the client, can help significantly reduce your legal fees by providing your attorney with whatever documentation is relevant to your case in the most organized manner possible.

Welcome to Our Blog!

Posted on December 08, 2008 in General News

Welcome to our blog (short for “Web log”). This is the first post of what we expect to be many. The purpose of this blog is multi-fold. Mainly, we want to provide relevant information you may find helpful. Additionally, we would like to let you learn a little more about us as people and hopefully break down some misconceptions that seem to stick to lawyers as a whole.