Gathering Support During a Divorce

Posted on May 03, 2011 in Civil Litigation, Divorce, Family Law

Divorce is often a slow and painful process. But people can and do make it through this difficult time period.

If a separation is imminent, it is essential to have a strong support system (family, friends, a minister or pastor) to help face the difficulties that lie ahead. I also recommend that my clients consider counseling with a licensed social worker or counselor who is trained in handling divorce-related issues. Unfortunately statements or admissions made to a counselor or therapist often are not protected during a divorce proceeding. Accordingly, the need for counseling for an individual must be weighed against the risks of the contents of counseling sessions being revealed in Court.

I also encourage my clients to consider, and ask their spouse to consider, marital counseling before proceeding with divorce. A trained counselor or therapist may be able to sort out the issues and assist couples in addressing those issues, perhaps even leading to reconciliation. Even if reconciliation is not an option, counseling can definitely help both spouses cope with this major life crisis. A counselor can also help parents deal with the anxiety and stress their children may be feeling as a result of the separation and divorce.