Food for thought when one spouse wants out

Posted on April 30, 2011 in Child Support, Divorce, Family Law

Potential clients who are contemplating divorce always have many questions (and rightfully so). What follows is a list of questions anyone going through a divorce should consider during his or her separation from his or her spouse:

(1) What custody and visitation arrangements will be put in place during the parties’ separation?

(2) Will one parent pay the other parent temporary child support?

(3) Who will maintain health insurance for any children of the parties during the separation?

(4) Will one spouse pay the other spouse temporary spousal support?

(5) Who will maintain health insurance for the spouses during the parties’ separation?

(6) Will both spouses have unrestricted access to any joint bank accounts during the parties’ separation?

(7) Who will have exclusive use of the marital residence and how will its related bills and obligations be handled?

(8) How will any remaining “family bills” be divided until the divorce is finalized?

(9) Will both parties continue to have access to any joint credit cards and/or equity lines during the separation?

(10) How will the parties file their taxes so long as they remain married?

Consult a family law attorney to discuss these and any other questions you might have as you contemplate or work through a separation.