Considering an Alternative to Litigation

Posted on December 03, 2011 in Divorce, Family Law

In recent years, many divorcing couples have chosen mediation as an alternative to litigation. Mediation involves many of the same procedures as litigation, but is geared to produce less hostility and lower the costs for the parties. Many mediators in Virginia have been properly trained for this process; however, some mediators have not. So, be vigilant and ask questions.

The Virginia State Bar Association can offer referrals to a number of qualified mediators, as well as a list of attorneys who can represent clients in the mediation process and those that specialize in domestic relations matters.

Many lawyers in our area are also collaboratively trained, another type of alternative dispute resolution to litigation. I am collaboratively trained, as is Jace M. Padden of our office. The collaborative process allows a couple to end their marriage with dignity and respect and is a far more preferable method to litigation, provided both parties are emotionally capable and committed to the process.

Read Jace Padden's blog about the process and advantages ofcollaborative dispute resolutionin more detail.